Your Independent (Flexi)Tank Provider

With pleasure, we present to you AFTS Bvba (Antwerp (Flexi) Tank Service). With effect from 1st of July 2017 we have on demand in the market established the company AFTS Bvba (Antwerp (Flexi) Tank Service) in the Antwerp region.

AFTS Bvba is a neutral company which operates and offers the complete service package regarding (Flexi)-Tanks and Container liners. AFTS Bvba expressly sells no flexi tanks and/or Container-liners, is no agent and no dealer. The emphasis is on providing service under the motto of "one stop shop" where the customer can accommodate the full concept under one roof.

  • Flexitank / Container-liner installation on location and own premises
  • Flexitank / Container-liner Warehousing
  • (Flexi) Tank Transport
  • Loading assistance
  • Flexitank survey
  • Cross pumping
  • Container pre-inspection / selection
  • Outfitting and disposal